We help unleash the full potential impact of dynamic food service.

Sprung Collective is a new kind of Food & Drink consultancy. We deploy our collective of deep-knowledge specialists to re-energise our clients’ businesses. Each solution is as unique as each client we represent.

Why us

We help unleash the full potential impact of a dynamic food service on your organisation.

Post pandemic, our world has changed. And change has accelerated dramatically. Now is the moment to reshape and build better.

Dynamic food service can play a critical role in making your organisation thrive; dramatically improving the customer & employee experience.

It can be the secret ingredient that brings people together. To excite, create tangible value and make a long-term sustainable difference.

What we do

We help leadership teams create transformative change. We apply creativity and deep specialist experience. We drive big ideas backed by insight & experience.

We help you & your teams make brave, bold decisions to improve your organisation through exciting food, drink & service.

We create positive disruption with a roadmap of targeted interventions to transform your foodservice proposition and ensure you stay relevant and high-performing.

How we do it

We run a structured collaborative process with your leadership team to align needs & business objectives with customer insight.

We create a plan to re-energise your organisation, by unlocking the maximum potential of your food, drink and service.

We assemble and deploy deep specialists from the Sprung Collective – leading experts in hospitality, culinary arts, futurology, branding, marketing & communications.

Each appointment is as unique as each solution. 

James Greetham
Founder & CEO

With more than two decades experience within senior roles in the Food and Drink industry, James created Sprung Collective to support businesses looking for a truly bespoke solution to help them unlock innovation, new directions and discover the real potential Food and Drink can have on growth.

From leading multinational FTSE organisations to small start-ups, James’s breadth of experience combined with his common-sense approach is a compelling combination, and we like to think a winning formula.

James has food and hospitality in his veins; from growing up on a dairy farm in Yorkshire, his love for the industry from the grassroots was formed.

Living and working in London James keeps connected to the fast pace of this industry to both inform and understand the strategic direction for clients to stay at the forefront.

Julian Russell
Partner & Director

Julian is a highly experienced and results focused CEO / Director with extensive, international experience and an adept facility for managing and transforming complex operations, providing strong leadership, forging productive partnerships, driving forward change and achieving effective results.  

He is a proficient strategist, who priorities developing strong relationships that are built on trust and respect, in addition to building teams that work collaboratively towards clearly defined goals.  

With a proven record of taking difficult but necessary commercial decisions, whilst providing personal vision and project management expertise to transform operations and drive continuous improvement. 

He strongly believes in valuing the contributions made by individuals and his entrepreneurial spirit has helped bring success for over a number of years as the key manager within a number of companies, including setting up and running his own restaurant business.

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”